Apprenticeship training

When you have signed on as an apprentice, you do most of your learning on the job.  Your supervisor will show you how to do things and explain why things are done this way. Your supervisor will also make sure you learn good work practices to ensure you and others are safe in the workplace.

In the roofing industry, there are five specialities you may work in:

  • Concrete or Clay Tile
  • Profiled Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding
  • Metal Tile
  • Roof Membrane Systems
  • Shingle or Slate Roof.

You will be provided with booklets that have instructions for completing the on-job assessments listed in the New Zealand Certificate.

Your supervisor will be an experienced, practicing roofer who can confirm your skills and competency. Depending on the size of the company you work for you may also work with a Skills Verifier. This could be your supervisor. Their role is to sign off the assessments that are part of your on-job learning.

You will also do off-job training called block courses. These block courses are compulsory and will last for four days. The block course is a mixture of theory and practical work.

Assessment is a gradual process. When you are ready to be assessed, you can start working your way through your assessment books.

You will see a word-Competent, show up frequently as you work through your apprenticeship. What does this word mean? You are competent when you can demonstrate, without help, the skills and knowledge required to complete tasks and assessments in your apprenticeship. You should be able to complete tasks to the same or similar level as the person assessing you. It is up to your Skills Verifier to determine whether you are competent. The assessments must be your own work. All the questions must be answered. Your answers must follow your company’s procedures. If you are not sure, ask your supervisor before you complete your assessment. Remember they want to help you become qualified. However, you need to be competent.

There is also online learning available as part of your apprenticeship. This allows you to get more theory knowledge and bounce ideas off others when you are online. Webinars are sessions recorded by an experienced roofing tutor, uploaded on to our learning platform. You can watch these videos, take notes and ask questions as you go. Chat room sessions will be available to give you and other apprentices a space to ask questions and have things explained to you in a different way. Access to online learning will be available when you are registered for your apprenticeship.

To find out more about roofing apprenticeships, contact us or find out about the roofing ITO here